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Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies Lecturer in Law

Picture of Dr Maria Mousmouti

We are delighted to welcome Dr Maria Mousmouti as our new Lecturer in Law. Dr Mousmouti, who received her PhD from the IALS, will be attached to the Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies and will take full part in all its activities. Dr Mousmouti is a very experienced researcher with an impressive list of publications and an even more impressive list of funded projects. Welcome to the IALS, once again, Maria!

Dr Maria Mousmouti is the new Lecturer in Law and Legislative Studies of the Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies. Dr Mousmouti has been an Associate Research Fellow at the Centre since 2014 and one of the three co-Directors of the Sir William Dale Legislative Drafting Clinic. Dr Mousmouti has been involved in several research activities of the Centre, including a comparative project on the EU Victims Directive, the project ‘On the Move’ and the cooperation with UN-Habitat on improving the quality of urban legislation in developing countries.

“I am very excited to join the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and I feel privileged to be part of its distinguished network of academics. The Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies is a worldwide centre of excellence in the field of legislative studies and legislative drafting and I will am looking forward to contributing to its academic activities and developing innovative research initiatives.” 

Dr Maria Mousmouti